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September 1, 2017

Accreditation Seeks Your View on TPE.   The Prairie Enthusiasts is applying for accreditation through the Land Trust Alliance. Our Executive Director, Chris Kirkpatrick, provides an update and seeks your input on how TPE functions.  Learn more ...

Parsnip Predator Video
September 1, 2017

See Control without Herbicide.   Wild Parsnip and other biennials can be controlled by cutting the roots below the soil surface. TPE's Prairie Bluff Chapter developed the famed Parsnip Predator years ago, and can be purchased on-line. Check out the chapter's new video below.  See the video ...

The Super Generation
September 1, 2017 

Monarchs ready to head south.   The final generation of Monarchs prepare for their epic journey south to Mexico this fall. Read about their migration by our friends at the US Fish & Wildlife Service.   Learn more...

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