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Karner Blue Recovery
November 2, 2017

Prairie Sands Leads the Way.  The Karner Blue Butterfly may be endangered in Wisconsin, but members of the Prairie Sands Chapter are actively doing something about that. Several members have long been active in this conservation effort, now others can join in using funding from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  Learn more  ...

Ghosts in the Making
November 2, 2017

A Story of Declining Pollinators.  People are making great efforts to bring pollinators back from the brink of extinction. The rusty-patched bumble bee's historical range is now severely reduced. With your help, we will conserve and restore habitat for this bumble bee.  Learn more ...

Milkweed Roundup
November 2, 2017 

Seed response an overflow!  Our call to members to send in Milkweed seed pods has brought in many, many pounds of seed. We are looking forward to using this seed in projects across our three state service area. The next step is to process the pods with a Milkweed Seed Separator. See how it works here...

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