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Milkweed Roundup!
October 6, 2017

Keep sending in your seed.   This fall many of you have stepped up to help the declining numbers of Monarch Butterflies by sending in milkweed seed. You can still help and collect more seed this season to support our regional effort to restore Milkweed for Monarchs.  Learn more  ...

Fall with Fameflower
October 6, 2017

See NIPE's seed gardens   The rare plant gardens are beginning to show results of the Species Conservation Project. Of the baker's dozen that were seeded this year the Purple Milkweed and Prairie Fameflower are doing very well.  Read more on their program and know your help seed picking is essential.  Learn more ...

Prairie Roots Run Deep
October 6, 2017 

New Root Poster on Display  The Tallgrass Prairie Research Center in northern Iowa has created a life size display of the extensive root systems in prairies. Read about their Prairie Roots Project, and see a 20 foot poster now on display at TPE's office.   Learn more...

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