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Landowner Services?
February 2, 2018

Make your voice heard!  As part of our strategic planning process, TPE wants to learn more about the needs of landowners. If you are managing prairies and savannas on your property, we invite you to participate and make your voice heard by completing this online survey:  Link to survey...

A Piece of the Prairie

February 2, 2018

Help Chapters make a difference!  Come join your fellow Prairie Enthusiasts at TPE's annual conference in La Crosse, WI on Saturday Feb. 24th. Attendees will have a chance to win hand crafted art work straight from the prairie, like this of 100 year-old oak table.  Yours for the winning bid, along with baked goods, books, and more. You can still join us by registering today.  Register now ...

Addressing Landscapes
February 2, 2018

Annual Conference Highlights  Come learn about large-scale conservation efforts, prairie flora and fauna management, and discussion among fellow land managers. Break out sessions will include addressing the needs of private landowners, and planting diverse prairies. See the entire program and keynote speakers at:  Conference link...

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