The Prairie Enthusiasts

Chippewa Savannas Chapter 
Kathy Stahl,  Chair


Welcome to the web site of the Chippewa Savannas Chapter of The Prairie Enthusiasts!

Our Mission:
1. Conduct restoration, management, and research of remnant native prairies, savannas, barrens, and other fire dependent ecosystems.
2. Educate the public about our prairie and savanna heritage.
3. Assist public agencies, non-profit organizations and private landowners in restoring remnant native prairie, savanna, barrens and other fire dependent ecosystems.



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Who we are

Chippewa Savannas is a chapter of The Prairie Enthusiasts, a non-profit grassroots conservation organization. We work throughout Dunn, Eau Claire, and Pepin counties. We work to restore remnants of prairie ecosystems still remaining in the Chippewa Valley that have not already been lost to development or habitat degradation. We are a community of volunteers – the majority of our work is accomplished by local people who donate their time and resources to rehabilitate local natural areas.

Where we work

We love working in our own backyard. With its river terraces and high rugged bluffs, the Chippewa Valley is an ecological goldmine – it contains more rare species (125) than any other area of a comparable size in the entire state of Wisconsin and it contains 25% of Wisconsin’s total acreage of remaining prairies. Many rare and declining animal species are dependent on these open habitats. This is an exciting place to work!

What we do

Volunteering with Chippewa Savannas Chapter is a great opportunity to learn about the techniques of ecological restoration and to get hands-on experience with prairie and savanna ecology. We remove brush from overgrown prairies. We do prescribed burning. We collect and disperse seed. We monitor for plant and animal species. The list goes on and on. We always need more help.

How to get involved

Please contact one of our chapter officers to learn more about Chippewa Savannas Chapter’s upcoming meetings, events, field trips, work parties, etc. We are always looking for volunteers with diverse skills ranging from event planning to machine operation. 


Chair: Kathy Stahl
Vice-chair: Matt McFarlane
Treasurer: Pam Maher
Secretary: Mandy Little

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