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Welcome to the web site of the Coulee Region Chapter of The Prairie Enthusiasts!

Our Mission Statement: The Coulee Region chapter of The Prairie Enthusiasts was  created to protect prairie and related oak ecosystem remnants through acquisition, management and distribution of educational material.

Event:Planting a Prairie event
Date:Saturday June 20, 2015
Time:10:00 am
Location: US Fish and Wildlife La Crosse District Visitor Center
Directions:  Directions can be found on the District's website
Presentation: The event will include a presentation/discussion on prairie planting, information on possible funding for prairie restoration, and a tour of the reconstructed prairies at the Visitor Center. Here's a press release.

Citizen Science: prairie butterflies and moths

We are hoping to add to the information on the distribution of three skippers and two moths by reporting what we find on prairies in the Coulee region. Armund Bartz gave a presentation about these at a recent meeting. Here's a video clip from a similar presentation at the 2013 Iowa Prairie Conference. The clip is about a half hour long, but critcal parts are:
4:30 - Intro to the five species
5:55 - Skipper flight periods
7:25 - Features used to identify
8:40 - Dusted Skipper (flight period starts around May 5)
14:15 - Ottoe Skipper (June 6)
18:10 - Leonard Skipper (August 1)
22:00 - Northern Flower Moth (on blazingstar and asters)
24:15 - Leadplant Flower Moth (on leadplant, of course!)
For more info on the project and reporting, contact Jim Rogala.

Educational materials

The Coulee Region Chapter has developed some educational materials for use with landowners. These materials are the very basic information that would be of interest to landowners with goat prairie remnants. Link to materials. 


See Coulee Region newsletters for information on what we do. 

Prairies we manage

Map of chapter member prairies and sites we work on.

Sugar Creek Bible Camp

The Sugar Creek Bible Camp Prairie-Savanna-Woodland Complex contains six acres of this rare dry-prairie and fourteen acres of the globally imperiled oak savanna. Over 140 plant species were recorded on the bluff prairie. Reptiles including the bull snake, blue racer, and six-lined racerunner were also recorded. In 2000, TPE entered into a 10-year agreement to manage this prairie-savanna-woodland complex. Restoration methods of controlled burning, understory thinning, and exotic species removal have provided opportunities for hands on restoration, education, increased biodiversity, and above all maintaining these ecologically important communities for present and future generations to enjoy. TPE has conducted several prescribed burns at the site, including one in 2011.

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