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St. Croix Valley Chapter

St. Croix, Pierce, Polk counties in Wisconsin and Washington county in Minnesota

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Evanne Hunt,

photo by Burt Levy

Chapter Meeting Minutes:
December 2011
January 2012 - canceled; no quorum
Chapter Goals for 2012
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May 9 2012
June 13 2012
July - no meeting
August 8 2012
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October 10 2012
November 28 2012
December 2012 - No Meeting
January 9 2013
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June 12 - No Meeting (field trip instead)
July 10
August 14 - Joint meeting in New Richmond with Friends and Bird Club
September 11 (canceled because of Prairie Days)
October 9 (canceled)
November 13 (canceled)
December 10

Blueberry Hill Field Trip Video

For those who could not make it to the field trip:

2014: Prairie Days

All events at Willow River State Park in Hudson, WI.

Hikes through prairies, invasive weed management demonstrations, displays, and food!

The Remarkable Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon Provides Lessons for the Future

In the course of just 50 years, their numbers went from billions to zero. 2014 brings the hundredth anniversary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon. What actions led to the rapid destruction of one of the most prolific species on earth and what were the weaknesses of the passenger pigeon that made it vulnerable despite its numerical superiority? With modern genetic technology, what are the prospects for recreating the passenger pigeon and what would be the consequences? Guest forest and wildlife ecologist Dr. Stanley Temple provides some Lessons from the Passenger Pigeon.

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