Grassland Bird Decline

Bobolinks on the Brink

Three birds, similar stories. We are in a climate crisis, and a bird emergency. Higher temperatures, more storms, changes in food supply, and more make the future for many of the world’s — and our state’s — birds look pretty grim. These three examples shed some light on the problem, and most importantly, the real, impactful things we all can do to help.  Learn more...

November 8, 2019


Sense of Place

Great Wide Open Prairie  

Jim Brandenburg is perhaps best known for his images of boreal scenes and creatures in northern Minnesota. But Brandenburg grew up in a farming family in the prairie country of southwestern Minnesota, where the expansive landscape seeped deep into his bones. Learn more...

November 8, 2019


Nature's Toolbox -

Citizen Science

To deal with an “unbalanced” prairie, practitioners have developed a variety of methods to manipulate diversity into plant communities. Essentially, all the methods create a disturbance to weaken the dominant species followed by inter-seeding species that are not currently represented. We want whatever we do to be sustainable and to continue to become more diverse with the passage of time. Learn more... 

November 8, 2019


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