Resilient Prairie

Management and Expections

Those of us who were at this year’s TPE conference in Menomonie were introduced to resilience during the keynote address. This introduction to the concept of resilience and how it applies to our prairie restoration work is an article published in the August 2019 Prairie Promoter.   Learn more...

August 2, 2019


Wild Bees Best

Handling the Bee Crisis 

Many plants that are native to the Americas require “buzz pollination” at the right frequency to release pollen. It’s like a secret code known only by their favored partners. Native bees know it. Honeybees don’t.   Learn more...

August 2, 2019


Monitoring Training

Seeking Easement Monitors

Now that TPE is accredited, one additional activity we must do is complete an annual visit to all our conservation easements and fee-owned properties to complete a monitoring report. We now need volunteers to help with the monitoring.  Learn More... 

August 2, 2019


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