Members from across the prairie enthusiasts constitute the overall organization’s board of directors. The board is responsible for setting overarching goals and direction of TPE, ensuring proper fiscal management, compliance with tax code, the hiring and managing of staff as well as any fulfilling legal requirements of a land trust. Policy and procedures are set by committees acting under the authority of the board of directors. 

Establishment Procedures: Committees may be established at the direction of the Board of Directors or the President. Committee members may be derived from the Board or the President may appoint members from the general membership to serve on the committee. All Board members are expected to serve on at least one committee. Committee chairs are either appointed by the President, or the President may direct the committee to select a chair from their ranks.

There are opportunities to serve on the following committees. For more information, or to volunteer to serve on a committee, please contact Scott Fulton.

Accreditation Committee -- on hiatus
Members: Paul Rode, Evanne Hunt, Nick Fasssler, and Jack Kussmaul. 

Administrative Oversight Committee 
This group aids and guides the Executive Director in office and administrative decisions, such as administrative budgeting. They will produce the final drafts of the Personnel Policy and the Executive Director’s Position Description for board approval. (est. January 2001)
Members: Board Officers

Banquet & Conference Committee 
The charge of this group is to provide guidance and assistance to the chapter responsible for organizing the annual TPE banquet and/or mini-conference. This committee is to take a lead role in lining up concurrent session topics, presenters and keynote speakers. (est. 2004)

Members: The host chapter committee, staff.

Board Development Committee 
The charge of this committee is to look for and solicit people, with backgrounds and abilities currently underrepresented on the TPE board, to serve as TPE officers and board members at large. The committee is to also charged with providing support and learning opportunities for board members. The committee develops strategic planning sessions for board members. And the committee works with the Executive Director in assessing what balance of background, abilities, and resources there should be on the board. (est. May 2008 as Nominating Committee)
Members: Board Officers, Scott Fulton (President & Acting Executive Director)

Communication and Outreach Committee 
The charge of this committee is to identify and coordinate communication and outreach needs for TPE. The primary objective is to grow awareness of and enthusiasm for the work of the Chapters and the Organization through various communications channels and outreach programs. The goals of the committee are to increase membership, volunteer engagement, and financial support for the mission. (Changed from Education and Outreach Committee 1/26/2010)
Members: Evanne Hunt - chair, Grace Vosen, Joe Rising, Diane Hills, Jim Rogala, Scott Fulton (President & Acting Executive Director)
The membership of the Committee is open to any member of TPE. 

Finance Committee 
The charge of this committee is to oversee TPE’s handling of finances, both accounting and investment, and provide recommendations to the board on finance related action items. They are to produce and update policies and procedures as to accounting and investment for board approval. The TPE Director and Treasurer are part of this committee along with any board member interested in serving, or any member at large that the President asks to serve. Some specific charges are to: 1) Review and update TPE’s handbook of accounting procedures and 2) Submit a written Investment Policy to the board for approval. (est. Jan., 2002)
Members: Alice Mirk – chair, Jack Kussmaul, Linda Lynch, David Hamel, George Howe, Deanna Pomije, Caroljean Coventree, Paul Rode, Scott Fulton (President & Acting Executive Director)

Fundraising and Endowment Committee 
The purpose of the Fundraising committee is to support the mission, goals and programs of The Prairie Enthusiasts. The committee will develop a strategy for effective fundraising and work with the chapters and staff to find, cultivate and approach donors, plan and execute fundraisers and develop other sources of support.

The charge of this committee is to work with the Development Director in identifying and cultivating potential donors, especially major donors. They are also to help the staff and board in thinking of and developing fundraising events and campaigns, and they may be called upon to make visits to potential donors, or suggest others who may know the potential donors and be willing to visit. The primary focus of the committee is to raise operating funds, but it is expected to also work on raising funds for TPE programs and endowments (land protection, land management, and education). (est. Sept, 2006 as Fundraising Committee; Charter of the Endowment and Fundraising Committee (reaffirmed 11/12/09)
Members: Jack Kussmaul – chair, Jerry Newman, Alice Mirk, Evanne Hunt, Scott Fulton (President & Acting Executive Director)

Land Management Committee 
This group develops the format for management plans, reviews management plans, and provides recommendations to the board regarding approval of plans. They also produce and update the TPE handbook on invasive species control that the management plans make reference to. Lastly, they draft land management related policies and procedures for board approval. (est. 1998 as Stewardship Committee)
Members: Rich Henderson - chair, Tom Mitchell, Jim Rogala, Jaye Maxfield, Henry Panowitsch, Scott Fulton, President & Acting Executive Director

Land Protection Committee 
The charge of this committee is to draft policy, procedures, and guidelines for land protection activities of TPE and submit them for Board approval. They are also to produce model easements, management agreements, and land leases tailored for use by TPE. Lastly, the committee is to review applications from chapters for protection projects and provide recommendations to the board. (est. 2005) 
Members:  Mark Martin - chair, Rich Henderson, Marci Hess, Randy Hoffman, Harvey Halvorsen, Scott Fulton (President & Acting Executive Director)