About our chapter

Previously part of the West Central chapter, the Chippewa Savannas Chapter was reinstated in the fall of 2009 by Bill Hogseth. 

The chapter’s primary mission is to restore, manage and research remnant native prairies, savannas, barrens and other fire-dependent ecosystems.

The chapter area includes many large complexes of remnant prairies, savannas and barrens. With river terraces and high rugged bluffs, the Chippewa Valley is an ecological goldmine. It contains more rare species (125) than any other area of a comparable size in the entire state of Wisconsin and also includes a quarter of Wisconsin’s total acreage of remaining prairies. This is an exciting place for a prairie enthusiast to work.

Volunteering with Chippewa Savannas is a great opportunity to learn about the techniques of restoration and to get hands-on experience with prairie and savanna ecology. We are eagerly looking for volunteers with diverse skills ranging from ecological stewardship, event planning and graphic design, to education and so on. 

Chapter Leadership

  • Chair: Kathy Stahl
  • Vice Chair: Caroljean Coventree
  • Secretary: Annemarie McClellan
  • Treasurer: vacant
  • Communications Coordinator: Matt Wysocki
  • Chapter Scientist: Mark Leach
  • Land Manager: Matt Wysocki


2021 Chapter Meetings

Interested parties are welcome and encouraged to attend all executive meetings listed below. There is no better way to find out what's happening with prairie restoration in our area and beyond!