Field Trips

Join us for informative tours of prairies, savannas, and open woodlands that range from high quality natural areas to newly begun restorations and plantings. Learn to identify the wildflowers and animals that inhabit these gems of nature, or come to simply enjoy the sights and sounds. These trips give you opportunities to see, first hand, the results of various management and restoration strategies and techniques. Share your interest in prairies by bringing along your family and friends.

What to bring: Field trips generally proceed rain or shine, except for severe weather or unless otherwise noted, so bring appropriate clothing and apparel. A hat, long-pants, and sturdy footwear are recommended, along with sunscreen and insect/tick repellent. For long hikes, be sure to bring water, and, if it is an all-day event, something to eat.

Please call trip leaders to confirm that the trip is still on.

Field trips can be found on our Event Calendar.  To view just field trips, go to the bottom and change the category to "field trip".

A complete printable listing is published twice a year.  

The 2020 fliers will be posted later this year. Below are the 2019 as an example of the trips hosted by The Prairie Enthusiasts.

2019 Spring & Summer Trips (through July)      Click here to see the flier   

2019 Late Summer & Fall Trips
    Click here to see flier

Information for field trip leaders: Trip checklist   Photo release form   Photo policy