Glacial Prairie

Glacial Prairie Chapter is in the southeastern corner of Wisconsin, outside the Driftless Area. While our region lacks the hill prairies found in other chapters, we have some unique prairies associated with glacial till. Other prairies in the area include large sand prairies, some wet prairies, and the typical roadside and railroad prairies the escaped development. We work together in coops on lands of our members and partner with other organizations.  We also are active during the week with schools in the area, doing presentations and planting school prairies.

The Glacial Prairie Chapter covers Dodge, Jefferson, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine, Walworth, and Waukesha Counties in Wisconsin. We invite you to join us! 

Learn more About our chapter and the Prairies We Manage.

Board representative:  Alice Mirk, [email protected]; 920-219-0427

Facebook:  Chapter page

The Makutu Herbicide Stick Applicator

Everyone needs a good applicator for the variety of herbicides used in prairie and savanna restoration and conservation. The Makutu is the answer to all the applicator problems you have had in the past. It essentially consists of three pieces: the reservoir that is easy fill, a valve that controls the flow of herbicide, and the removable wick/wick holder. The durable wick is readily and economically replaceable with accessible material. The Makutu is offered in two sizes: 59 inches (so no bending); and 27 inches, ideal for treating small stems with the Makutu in one hand and a pruner in the other. It was developed at the request of one of Glacial Prairie Chapter’s stellar volunteers.

We can ship or arrange for pickup/drop off if you are in the SE Wisconsin (Glacial Prairie Chapter area).

Large Makutu- 59 inches $30 plus $8 UPS shipping

Small Makutu- 27 inches $27 plus $8 UPS shipping

Order from the TPE eStore or contact

Alice Mirk, [email protected]; 920-219-0427


If you have any questions, comments or need more information, please contact the Glacial Prairie Chapter Event Coordinator at:  [email protected].