Managing Protected Lands

Many land trusts own land, and for those that do, it is essential to ensure the conservation values of these lands are managed in perpetuity. The Alliance's Land Trust Standards and Practices outlines the core elements of having management plans, determining the stewardship needs, tracking the costs of management, and monitoring of management plans. Having these essential elements in place enables the land trust to support vibrant site communities of staff, volunteers, and engaged public participation with the management of the sites.

Tools, Tips and Techniques for Determining and Tracking Land Management Costs

At the Land Trust Alliance Rally 2018, TPE shared learned strategies and practical examples of recruiting core leadership for site communities, the support mechanisms needed to engage land trust members and members of the public, and to strategically align the work of site communities that directly benefit the goals of successful land management of land trust properties. The presentations focused on giving course participants practical examples of how to implement the practices of determining land management costs, creating management plans, and how to set up financial management systems to track management costs. Below are the presentations, along with handouts provided to course participants.

Determining Costs
Tracking Costs
Tools, Tips and Techniques
Land Management Plans
Creating Site Communities
10 step restoration process

TPE Rally 2018 Handouts
TPE Swenson Project Proposal
TPE Alexander Project Proposal