Herbicide Stick Applicator: The Makutu

Everyone needs a good applicator for the variety of herbicides used in prairie and savanna restoration and conservation. The Makutu is the answer to all the applicator problems you have had in the past. Here I provide a description of this device the Glacial Prairies Chapter has developed at the request of one of Glacial Prairie Chapter’s stellar volunteers.

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Controlling clonal tree species by double-cutting

I like the opportunity to control a native invading species without the use of chemicals. Double-cutting within the growing season or multiple years offers one method of controlling some native clonal trees species. To be effective, you must be timing the cuttings correctly, be cutting all of the stems in the clone, and continue the process as long as needed. 

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Controlling biennial invasives without herbicide using a Parsnip Predator

Wild Parsnip and other biennials can be controlled by cutting the roots below the soil surface. While a common shovel works to some degree, a modified shovel is much more effective. TPE's Prairie Bluff Chapter developed such a tool years ago, and sell these to the public at our eStore.
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Spring is the time for girdling

Girdling offers an effective mechanical method to kill some tree species. While some folks "girdle" with cuts and apply herbicide to the "cuts", it is not needed if girdling is done in a manner that removes the bark without damaging the layers inside the bark. Now's the time to do this type of girdling, as the layers to be removed easily separate from the inner layers. 

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