Minnesota Driftless

As our chapter name implies, Minnesota Driftless is located within the Driftless Area in SE Minnesota. This region features typical Driftless Area prairies and savannas, with many remnants on south to southwest facing upper slopes and river valley prairies on sandy terraces. We are a new chapter, and look to grow our membership and sites we work on.  

The Minnesota Driftless chapter covers Winona, Houston, Fillmore, Wabasha, Olmstead, and Goodhue Counties in Minnesota. We invite you to join us! 

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Chapter contact:  Stephen Winter, stephen.winter@okstate.edu; 402-310-5460.

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What's New

A successful burn season!  Springtime in southeast Minnesota was a very busy season for TPE- Minnesota Driftless Chapter members this year. There were numerous prescribed burns to do, on both private and public lands, and tree removal work to finish before the heat of Summer arrives. In all, five prescribed burns were completed by Chapter members this April! A loan of 2 back-cans from TPE’s Coulee Region Chapter helped to make these burns possible.

Minnesota Driftless Chapter members partnered with Winona County and the La Crescent Area Fire Department to conduct a prescribed burn on the County’s popular “Apple Blossom Overlook Park,” just north of La Crescent, MN on Winona County Road 1. The upland portion of the 50-acre park has been planted with native prairie species and has been burned every 2 to 3 years for the past 15 years. Chapter Chair George Howe arranged and led the burn, and volunteers Stephen Winter and Anne Morse assisted also. 

A burn was also completed at the Dietmaier prairie in New Hartford Township, on a stunning ridgetop remnant that hadn’t seen fire for many decades. Already, hoary puccoon, cream wild indigo, and blue-eyed grass are springing forth from the blackened ground. Landowner Nick Dietmaier and MND Chapter members hope to hold a hike in the near future to showcase the results- so watch for announcements! 

Landowners Sara Miles, Kevin O’brien, and George Howe also completed burns on their properties, some of which were made possible by help from MND Chapter volunteers Tim Connolly and Stephen Winter. A huge thanks to everyone who helped!