Wide open prairies and oak savannas once covered the landscape of the Upper Midwest. Today only a tiny fraction of these fire-dependent ecosystems remain, harboring many specialized and endangered plants and animals in some of the rarest habitats on Earth. Our community of Prairie Enthusiasts strives to protect and manage these complex, beautiful natural areas and help others learn about their importance.

Prairie enthusiasts work with landowners, farmers, and other organizations to save these prairie and oak savanna remnants which have persisted on the land since before European settlement. We focus on remnants because they harbor nearly all of the components (including life-forms such a microbes and insects) that make up a prairie community. Our grassroots volunteers also plant and maintain native plantings. We share our knowledge, labor, and love of the land.

We work on our mission through chapters in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. A map of our chapters can be found here.

Do you have some basic questions about prairies and savannas? We have answered some on a Frequently Asked Questions webpage.


We use several options, including legal protection, to preserve remaining native prairie and oak savanna sites.



Our stewardship of the lands includes hands-on restoration and management by large numbers of volunteers.



Helping people of all ages to discover and learn about, and how to care for, these natural treasures.