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Avon Ridge Addition

We are asking for your help in buying Foslin Bluff, six more acres at Avon Ridge, where TPE owns remnant prairie with access from Beloit-Newark Road in Rock County, Wisconsin. 

Foslin Bluff is the western end of this ridge above Sugar River.  Shooting stars, blue-eyed grass and puccoon are found in abundance, with pale purple coneflower, a state threatened plant.  

As we did with Avon Ridge, we've applied for Knowles-Nelson stewardship funds from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to pay half of our land protection costs.  We are raising funds to pay the other half.  Your donation is tax deductible.  See Rob Baller's flier for the fund-raising (click here).

Jerry Newman's photos on this page show Foslin Bluff after a spring burn in 2017.