About our chapter

Established in 2008 and located in the sandy soils of ancient glacial lake beds, our member counties are the original home to visionary John Muir and some of the state's pine barrens and oak savannas that lie along Wisconsin’s tension zone. Dry prairies still exist on deposits of sand throughout the area and test the endurance of endemic prairie species while supporting much of the state’s federally-endangered Karner Blue butterfly habitat.  It is our mission to help protect what treasures still remain.

Because our seven-county membership area is sparsely populated, we partner with other local environmental and conservation organizations to strengthen our efforts.  For example, we combine field trips with The Ice Age Trail Alliance, Friends of John Muir, Muirland Bird Club, The Aldo Leopold Audubon, the Wisconsin Butterfly Association and the central Wisconsin chapter of The Wild Ones. 

We also provide ongoing stewardship manpower at The Nature Conservancy’s Page Creek Marsh State Natural Area and will be assisting with the WI DNR’s extensive work at Observatory Hill State Natural Area to re-establish oak savanna.  

One of the primary chapter goals is to document and inventory remnant prairies within our geographic area. We have assisted private landowners who are interested in management and protection of remnant prairie and landowners who would like help determining if they have prairie and savanna indicator species.

People interested in learning more about their prairie or in discussing management options and plans are encouraged to contact us. 

Prairie walks, seed collecting, and work parties generally serve as informal chapter meetings, and every December we host a ‘Seed Exchange Potluck’ party.   


We actively support all prairie work in our area, including on member-owned prairies. Please come and join us!

Chapter leadership

Chair, Vacant

Vice Chair, Vacant

Secretary, Vacant

Treasurer, David Hamel

Communications, Mary (Ray) Goehring