A Rare Opportunity to Save a Prairie Landscape

What would our world be like without the vivid landscapes of prairie flowers, waving grassland vistas, colorful butterflies, songs of grassland birds and clean waters of spring fed prairie streams?  In today’s complicated and uncertain world, nature provides an oasis for all of us.  The Prairie Enthusiasts is raising funds to substantially expand its Mounds View Grassland preserve in Iowa County, Wisconsin, and we need your help! 



Major addition to our largest prairie preserve

The Hanley Farm Prairie, together with other additions currently pending, will add 346 acres to the current 570 acre Mounds View Grassland Preserve, making this site one of the largest contiguous restored and remnant prairies in the region. Additional nearby large preserves and easements owned by The Prairie Enthusiasts, The Nature Conservancy, Driftless Area Land Conservancy, and other land trusts make this local area a major habitat corridor for grassland birds and rare insects.

The Mounds View Grassland preserve provides important benefits to plants, animals and people:

  • Critical habitat to over two dozen rare and endangered species.
  • One of Wisconsin’s rare unplowed prairies
  • Abundant recreational activities: hiking, hunting, birding, photography
  • Environmental benefits such as supporting pollinators, sequestering carbon, reducing runoff and improving water quality
  • Education and research opportunities

Learn more about the conservation significance and rare species on this property HERE.

For media - see the full news release HERE


“I believe preserving nature and restoring it is the highest calling. 
  The longer I live, the more I realize it’s all that really matters.”

Ursula Muehllehner, Campaign Cabinet member & donor



Watch the video overview here.

The time is now

Whether you’re an experienced conservationist or someone who simply enjoys nature’s beauty, opportunities are rare to save places like the 346 acres we aim to add to the Mounds View Grassland preserve.  In fact, less than .05% of the original great Wisconsin prairie remains today.

It takes a community to preserve a landscape of this scale just 30 minutes from Madison, Wisconsin.  Today we have the opportunity to protect this place for years to come.  Led by a dedicated group of volunteers, we have made great progress on the Campaign to Save Wisconsin Prairie!  Over the past year, dozens of people and organizations have generously supported this important project.  


This is a rare chance for us to protect and preserve such a large scale prairie remnant. With your support, we can safeguard the future of the natural community that depends on this land and, together, we can create a brighter future for generations to come. You can learn more about the campaign, including frequently asked questions and a list of the campaign cabinet members HERE.

Help us preserve this important part of our natural heritage.