Southwest Chapter is in the heart of the Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin. The area contains dry hill prairies, river terrace sand and wet prairies, and oak savannas. We have many TPE-owned properties that require our care in managing and restoring. Our chapter was one of the first chapters formed, and we have a rich history!  

The Southwest chapter covers Grant, Crawford, Richland, and Iowa Counties in Wisconsin. We invite you to join us!

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Chapter contact: Steve Querin-Schultz, 
Board representative: Gary Eldred, (608) 375-5271
Facebook:  Chapter page

What's New?

Exact Sciences, located in Madison, allows their employees to take two days off each year, with full pay, to work for non-profit organizations. Rachel Walsh, an Exact Sciences employee, took advantage of this and joined us at a TPE work party on Double Oak Savanna and recently at Eldred Prairie. She apparently believes in what we are doing and hopes to get some of her co-workers to join us in the future.

Rachel is seen here with SW Chapter members, Bob Costanza and Roger Smith.           


Upcoming Events

 June 6, 2020 at Eldred Prairie


Work parties begin at 9:00 AM or whenever it is convenient for you to join us. We normally go until noon but you are welcome to leave earlier or stay longer.

The work parties are scheduled to continue our war against crown vetch. The chemical, surfactant, dye and a limited amount of water will be available. Please bring your backpack sprayer filled with whatever amount of water you wish to carry.

It will be a chance to join friends in the outdoors, while maintaining social distancing. What could be better than that?

 Rain date will be the next day, Sunday. You may contact Jack Kussmaul, Chapter President, at #608-988-4309 or And feel free to contact Jack if you need directions or have any other questions.