Southwest Chapter is in the heart of the Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin. The area contains dry hill prairies, river terrace sand and wet prairies, and oak savannas. We have many TPE-owned properties that require our care in managing and restoring. Our chapter was one of the first chapters formed, and we have a long and rich history!  

The Southwest chapter covers Grant, Crawford, Richland, and Iowa Counties in Wisconsin. We invite you to join us!

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Chapter contact: Steve Querin-Schultz, 
Board representative: Gary Eldred, (608) 375-5271
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What's New?

After years of watching oak sprouts, berry bushes, aspen, sumac and bracken fern threaten to overwhelm Eldred Prairie, we are engaged in a massive effort this year to restore it to what it should be.

The front hillside has been mowed twice this year and the much of the back hillside once. We will be doing extensive forestry mowing in the near future. The invasives in the mowed areas have been weakened but will come back unless the resprouts are treated. This requires lots of work and volunteers. All are welcome to join the effort to restore this beautiful prairie.

Roger Smith. SW Chapter member, is seen here mowing this summer.           


Upcoming Events

 Friday, Sept 25, 2020 at Eldred Prairie

The Work Continues Eldred Prairie

We had enormously successful days working at Eldred Prairie September 13th to the 19th. Sixteen volunteers attacked the invasives on both the front and back sides of the property. We made great strides in hitting oak sprouts, sumac, crown vetch, leafy spurge, parsnip, elderberry and honeysuckle.

Not surprisingly, we are sure we missed a few (or a lot). We are reconvening on Friday, September 25, to go over the area we covered to hit the nasties we missed. It is supposed to be warm and sunny again, so Eldred will be a nice place to spend the day with friends. We will gather at 9:30 am and go as late as people want to work. Feel free to come or leave any time. Bring lunch and we can have a picnic with social distancing.

As usual, I will have all the ingredients for our sprayers as well as a couple of extra sprayers and extra water. If you are bringing you own sprayer, which is encouraged, why don’t you have it filled to about 2/3 to the level you want to use with water. We will add the other ingredients and finish filling the tank. It may be useful if you bring extra water as well.

You may contact me with questions at or at #608-988-4309.

Thanking you in advance,

Jack Kussmaul President, Southwest Chapter TPE