St. Croix Valley

St. Croix Chapter is located in an area that at one time included large dry prairies. Today there are small oak savanna remnants that still contain some uncommon plants associated with those historic prairies. Our chapter works on a few of these, visits others to appreciate what is left, and educates folks on fire-dependent ecosystems. 

The St. Croix chapter covers Pierce, Polk and St. Croix Counties in Wisconsin. We invite you to join us! 

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Chapter contact:  Evanne Hunt,; 715-381-1291 
Facebook:  Chapter page

What's New

Chapter Meetings

All meetings are at the River Falls Public Library in the Board Room at 6:30 pm. Everyone is welcome at the monthly meeting of the St. Croix Valley chapter of TPE.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, October 15
Time:  6:30 pm
Location:  River Falls Public Library, 140 Union St, River Falls, WI 54022  

(subject to change)
  • Prairie questions and discussion
  • Treasurer's report
  • Field trips for summer, fall?
  • Chapter picnic?
  • New business? 
Future chapter meetings:  November 19, December 17

Other Events

Seed collecting

Next collecting day:  Tuesday, October 8
Time:  4-5pm
Location:  Alexander oak savanna
We will pick:
The local genotype seeds we collect will be cleaned and reseeded onto native remnants we have cleared of undesirable vegetation.  We only use seeds collected from within 25 miles because plant species become adapted to their local environments by passing on those genes that favor survival in a particular place. Over time, plants of the same species from different parts of their range may develop different genetic makeups called genotypes, even if they look very similar. 
Participating in seed collecting teaches you 
  • when seeds are ripe
  • how to collect different plant seeds
  • how to store and clean seeds
We plan to collect seed this fall as long as possible.  Contact Evanne if you are unsure whether you are on the email list.
The confirmation, locations, and directions (Alexander oak savanna and Foster Cemetery) will be emailed no later than the day before.
Bring:  drinking water, long pants, leather gloves (some of the seeds are a little rough on the hands.  Seeds will stick to cloth gloves.)