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This calendar contains most of the TPE-wide events (e.g., many of the field trips), but is not complete for all chapter events (e.g., some work parties, some field trips). Please check chapter webpages or contact chapters directly for more events. Hope to see you at an event soon!

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  • Sunday, July 03, 2022 at 09:00 AM · 1 rsvp
    Mounds View Grassland in Barneveld, WI

    Reviving a Lost Prairie Landscape – Mounds View Grassland

    Come for a day of hiking across TPE’s 830-acre Mounds View Grassland preserve.   We will see the progress being made in bringing back to life degraded remnant prairies, converting non-native cool-season grass to native prairie, renovating streams, wetlands, and seeps, and planting agricultural fields to prairie.  We will be encountering rich displays of early summer prairie flowers such as pale-purple coneflower, wild quinine, white wild indigo, white prairie clover, and others.  Along the way will also have opportunity to observe many uncommon grassland birds such as bobolinks, meadowlarks, grasshopper sparrows, upland sandpipers, and Henslow’s sparrows, as well as butterflies and bumblebees.  Be prepared for a long hike (some off trail) and occasional steep slopes. Bring a pack lunch (we’ll stop for a picnic along the way), water, hat, sun screen, long pants, and binoculars.

    Directions:  Address is 8624 Reilly Road, Barneveld.  From the intersection of US Hwy 18-151 and County F (south of Blue Mounds in western Dane County), take F approximately 5 miles south.  Turn right onto Reilly Road, and proceed to parking lot and kiosks at the end of the road (past the barn).   (Note: A half mile down F from 18-151, pay close attention to the road signs, for F turns to the right & the straight ahead road becomes County Z.  Stay on F.)

  • Saturday, July 09, 2022 at 09:00 AM · 1 rsvp
    Rush Creek SNA in Ferryville, WI

    Rush Creek SNA

    Explore Rush Creek State Natural Area with those who have helped manage it! This will be a guided hike through established oak woodlands, in-progress restorations, and high-quality bluff prairie remnants. In total, the hike will be approximately a 1.5-mile loop that traverses up and down the woodland and prairie. It will be fairly steep at times and chiggers may be present! Prepare for stunning views and an abundance of native fauna and flora. Come with questions as management of the SNA will be discussed! Link to Rush Creek webpage

  • Saturday, July 09, 2022 at 01:00 PM

    Erbe Grassland & Goplin Prairies

    Come explore the newest addition to Erbe grassland, a 40-acre parcel acquired from Ed and Cheryle Goplin in March of this year.  It has both remnant prairie and restorations.  If we are fortunate, the endangered regal fritillary butterfly will be in fight.  Erbe Grassland is also a great site to experience rare and uncommon grassland birds such as upland sandpipers, bobolinks, meadowlarks, Henslow’s sparrows, grasshopper sparrows, and more, so bring binoculars.  Be prepared for a long hike off trail.  We recommend long pants, sturdy shoes, a hat, and sunscreen.

    Difficulty: Moderate hiking (2 mile plus) over uneven terrain.

    Directions:  Take US 18-151 west from Madison, at 1.5 miles west of Mt. Horeb, turn left (south) on Erbe Road.  Go for 0.7 miles and look for the parking lot and kiosk on right side of the road (across from quarry).

  • Saturday, July 16, 2022 at 09:30 AM
    Ken Erickson's Prairie in Town of Rose, WI

    Prairie Restoration Tour and Second Flight of Endangered Karner blue butterfly

    Ken Erickson, is planning an event at his prairie restoration in Waushara County on Saturday, July 16th.  He has timed this to happen during the expected second flight of the Karner blue butterflies.  He has partnered with several other conservation organizations.  Attached is a flyer and a map. The flyer may be updated as plans unfold.

    We are looking for volunteers to help identify plants along the self guided tour.  Please let Ken or I know if you can help.

    What to Bring/Wear: Ken is asking those who want to stay for the speaker to please bring your own lawn chair.  Also bring a sack lunch.


    • From Plainfield -- Hwy 73 East to County P 
    • Cty P East to left on 14th ave, right on Alp Ave to corner of Alp ave and 14th Court
    • From Wild Rose -- Hwy 22 north to left on County P
    • Cty P to right on 14th Ave, Right on Alp Ave
    • Alp Ave to corner of Alp Ave and 14th Court
  • Sunday, August 14, 2022 at 09:00 AM · $20.00 USD
    Mounds View Grassland barn in Barneveld, WI

    Nature Art - Field Sketching Prairie Plants

    photo: Carolyn Byers

    Come join us for a morning sketching prairie plants surrounded by the beautiful Schurch-Thomson Prairie! This class is for people with little art experience or for artists who want to grow their skills drawing plants. We will warm up with gesture drawings and contour line drawings of prairie plants. From there, we’ll practice breaking down plants into simple shapes, working on getting accurate proportions and making plants look 3D. Next, we’ll explore ways of adding detail, texture, and creating focal points. The last part of class will be spent making a drawing of one plant using our new skillset. There will be time for Carolyn to work with participants individually to answer questions and provide feedback on their work (if they want!) Carolyn is also excited to share her knowledge of grassland birds, nests, and plants with everyone as we draw. 

    Instructor:  Carolyn Byers - Artist, Green Sparrow Arts

    Recommended art supplies: All you need for this class is a pen or pencil, paper, and a hard surface to work on. This could be a #2 pencil, 10-15 sheets of computer paper, and a hardcover book. It could be drawing pencils, fountain pens, and a sketchbook. You may bring whatever materials excite you! We will focus more on drawing the lines of a plant and less on adding color, but you are also welcome to bring watercolors, colored pencils, pastels, etc. Remember, whatever we bring in we will bring out, including pencil shavings and water from dirty brushes. Please plan ahead!

    Other supplies: Please bring whatever you will need to be comfortable outside in a prairie for a morning. Long pants, close-toed shoes, and sun protection are recommended. Water, a snack, and something to sit on (folding lawn chair or small blanket) are encouraged! 

    Accessibility: This class will involve limited walking at a slow pace. We will likely walk the fairly even, mowed path until we reach an exciting patch of plants. Participants will walk into the prairie to select a plant to draw, and bring it back to the path. We will likely pause in an area for 30 minutes or more to learn and draw, so a chair or blanket to sit on is recommended. Total distance covered is expected to be about 1 mile. 

    In case of rain: We will still collect plants out in the prairie but will spend our time drawing in the barn. This space is large and will be breezy if we leave doors open. 

    Class size: Limit 20 people.                 Cost: $20


    This event is part of the Wisconsin Land Trust Days events calendar. 

  • Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 06:30 PM · $10.00 USD
    Mounds View Grassland barn in Barneveld, WI

    Night-Flying Prairie Insects: Blacklighting & Sugaring for Moths

    photo: Marcie O'Connor

    Prairies support an extremely diverse array of insects. We can easily observe the many butterflies, bees and other insects during the day but what about the moths? There are more than 10,000 species of moths in North America. This workshop will introduce you to the life cycle, behavior and ecology of prairie moth species. You will learn how to identify moths, particularly some prairie-specialist species which inhabit the Mounds View Grassland. We will demonstrate sugaring and blacklighting to collect and observe moths and other night-flying insects.

    Instructor: Tim Hansel, Wisconsin Master Naturalist Volunteer

    What to bring: Wear clothing appropriate for night hikes on the prairie. Bring a flashlight or headlamp and a camera with a flash.

    In case of rain: Same time on Thursday, September 1. Attendees will be notified by email. 

    Class size: Limit 25 people.                 Cost: $10

    This event is part of the Wisconsin Land Trust Days events calendar.