TPE Executive Director Search Now Under Way!

The Prairie Enthusiasts have begun an active search for a new Executive Director to assume leadership of the staff and chapter support organization. A great deal has changed since our prior executive director, Chris Kirkpatrick, began work eight years ago, including major growth in our membership and the scope of our activities. That growth and expansion is certainly continuing and finding the right person to take the helm is more important than ever.

The Board has appointed a search committee to lead the undertaking, including myself, Alice Mirk, Jerry Newman, Evanne Hunt, and Henry Panowitsch. We have also engaged an experienced executive search consultant, Kate Greene, president of Human Resource Partners of Traverse City, MI. Kate has done quite a few searches for non-profit executive directors and has been a tremendous help guiding us through this complex process.

Our plan is to post the position publicly from July 1 – 31, with a possible extension if required. We will then be conducting an extensive series of phone and group Zoom interviews, including open presentations and Q&A sessions with the final two or three candidates. We also plan to host in-person visits with our final candidates with selected TPE leaders on one of our preserves. The hope is to be able to make a final offer to a candidate by sometime in September.

Conducting a successful search for a major leadership position is largely dependent upon reaching out to a network of contacts, as often the best candidates are those who are not necessarily in a current search for a new job. As many of you are involved with other conservation or non-profit organizations, we are asking for help with suggestions or contacts. If you know of anyone who might make a good possible candidate, or know anyone who might have good leads, please let both them and me know. The job description and application information is available on the TPE website here. You can also contact me directly at [email protected].

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