The Prairie Enthusiast-Prairie Sands Chapter of Marquette and Waushara counties invites you to witness the second flight of the endangered Karner blue butterfly on Sunday, July 21 at Mecan Prairie, near Coloma-the privately owned prairie and savanna restoration of John Shillinglaw. On the Endangered Species list since 1992, the Karner blue butterfly needs lupine and lupine needs dry prairie and savanna--two rare and endangered ecosystems found in the Central Sands region of Marquette and Waushara Counties.
John Shillinglaw explains, “Karner blue butterfies are bivoltine which means they hatch two “broods” or flights during the summer. The first flight is usually early June and the second later in July.” And because they are endangered, scientists from the DNR and US Fish and Wildlife come to Mecan Prairie during both of these flights to count the number of species found on this 200 + acres prairie and savanna filled with lupine, the only plant the caterpillars of the Karner blue eat.
The tour begins at 9:30 AM and John suggests you bring a picnic lunch and stay to visit for awhile. He also suggested you bring a kayak if you have one and he can give you directions of where to launch on the Mecan River or Mecan Springs.
Sight conditions: the prairie has a few mowed paths and a port-a-potty. John suggests you wear hiking shoes and bring your own water, binoculars and kayaks or canoes.

TIME:      9:30AM – NOON – bring a picnic lunch and a kayak and John can tell you where to put in on the Mecan River or Mecan Springs

WHERE:  Mecan Prairie, Waushara County, near Coloma, Wi --

WHAT:   Witness the Second Flight of the Endangered Karner Blue Butterflies

SIGHT CONDITIONS:  Prairie has a few mowed paths; port-a-potty. Wear hiking shoes and bring your own water, binocular and kayaks or canoes.

DIRECTIONS:   Near Richford in Waushara Cty, about 1 and 1/2 hours from Madison.

 Directions to Mecan Prairie from Hwy 39 at Coloma:

Go east on Hwy 21 at Coloma for 5 miles to Richford where you turn right on Hwy B heading south.  Go through Richford on B nine tenths of a mile, then turn left on Hwy JJ heading east.  Go 4.3 miles on JJ and you will see a cemetery on the right.  Here you make a very sharp right turn onto Czech Rd. almost heading back west.  (If you reach a stop sign on JJ, you have gone too far.)  Go about ¼ mile on Czech Rd. and you come out of a woods and see a prairie on the left.  This is part of Mecan Prairie.  My phone # is 920-213-8037.  My car is a blue Subaru Outback which should be parked on the road.

CONTACT:  John Shillinglaw,920-213-8037  [email protected]  .  The location could be described as near Richford in Waushara Cty, about 1 and 1/2 hours from Madison and I would send detailed info to participants.

Photo 1 Karner Blue Butterfly with hand on Lupine 2018 Mecan Prairie photo by S. Schillinglaw

Photo 2 John Schillinglaw in lupine at Mecan prairie 2018 Photo by S. Schillinglaw  


July 21, 2019 at 9:30am - 12pm
John Shillinglaw's Mecan Prairie
John Shillinglaw, · · 920-213-8037

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